New Job Plan!

So often when there is a group of 2 or more this new job plan becomes a ‘sore’ topic of discussion. Many of us have opposing views, which is a given on any topic related to our income an ability to lead a comfortable life and plan for an even more comfortable future for ourselves and our loved ones. If you can recall the uproar when many began to realize there would be no social security left for payment in about 50 years; at that time so many people were enraged about working and the foresight that there may be no more funding left to provide a substantial enough benefit upon retirement. Well any mention of higher taxes, lower job availability or lessened income capability follows suit and for the most part gets people ‘worried’ about what is to come.

Some Americans are very secure in their employment and the status it places them in (i.e. ability to pay bills, enjoy vacation, and save all at the same time). However unfortunately the reality for most Americans is bills out way wages earned, months and months of job searching and no hope in remaining afloat during the lousy economic times. I for one can relate to having gone to college (as parents, school teachers and mentors instructed, stating ‘It’s the ONLY way to achieve a good future’), just to realize that a college degree was not ultimately my ticket to a career that could afford me a better, improved life. As a senior in high school in 2004, I just knew that after obtaining a degree I would be able to afford to rent an apartment, purchase a new car and live comfortably without worries of bills not being paid, however,  I had a very rude awakening upon graduation in 2009. Reality was that I was very educated and had a good head on my shoulders, still I could only find jobs that paid no more that 12-14 dollars an hour (after breaking down salary for a year), while students that had attended high school with me that had not attended college, had now formed trades and made sometimes double what I was being continually offered. (All the while, i still owed Sallie Mae) Sad to say, but it was time to go back to school and obtain a Doctorate or be content with being broke. (Even folks with Master Degrees cannot find jobs).

What I am gathering from the New Job Plan that people are so weary of is the idea to no longer allow for particular tax deductions to be available to file and of course this relates to those who have the type of funds to do so in ways like charitable donations and such.  Now without stating my political views out right, if that is at all possible, I believe in America we have had a backwards way of supporting those that have more than we support those who are in need of. For so many years we have allowed those considered ‘wealthy’ to pay little tax, earn countless right-offs, and fly under the radar at concealing true income, all while those who make the median to minimal salary for our country pay dollar after dollar in taxes just to barely remain afloat in this economy. The way I look at it, maybe it is time for a ‘flipflop’!! There are countless honorable positions in our country that do not get adequate pay for effort of the position, i.e. Teachers, Police and Fire Fighters, Social Services Employees, etc. While Executives, Political Employees and such take home ‘highway robbery’ forms of compensation. Now do not get me wrong, if money is earned honorably for a job well done then by all means receive your deserving salary, but why ‘rob’ those who are responsible for the well-being of your complete existence (police officers who protect your safety, teachers who educate your children, social services employees who work diligently to protect children with no family, those with mental illnesses, families in need of assistance, etc).

It’s pretty obvious that not much that we have attempted to do the past 10 years has truly improved the state of our economy, so at this point there must be drastic measures taken in order to make much needed improvement in a country that is undoubtedly deep in debt. The bail out of car manufactures and banks and other political arenas, does not directly change the state that most americans are living below the poverty level and have been for an ample amount of years.  Money needs to be placed in the form of jobs being made available so those who truly wish to work and obtain careers with job security and good pay, can do so and make an adequate living for themselves. Please note:  NO I  am not referring to those individuals willing to live off government assistance because I truly believe those policies and procedures should develop much more strict guidelines ….. But that’s an entirely different discussion that I could go on for days about!

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